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Coraline Jones and Wybie Lovat
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Oh, I definitely heard someone... Why-were-you-born.
This is the community dedicated to the relationship between Coraline Jones and Wybie Lovat of Coraline, the movie-verse. Since the movie-verse is also the only place you'll find him, we might as well make this a Wybourne community too. After all, he's there so Coraline doesn't have to be by herself. ♥

▲ Don't be a jerk face. Let's try to avoid being jerk faces.
▲ Like Coraline/Wybie. Or at least Wybie. We don't mind Wybie gen, because he is awesome.
▲ Every post must have something to do with Coraline/Wybie or Wybie. Coraline is a heroine all her own and will probably have her own comm someday soon *plots*.
▲ If you're posting fic, more than 3 icons or art, put it behind an LJ cut. To do so use this code, replacing the square brackets with triangles: [lj-cut text="Your cut text here."][/lj-cut]
▲ The only thing you are required to warn about is anything rated PG-13 and up and spoilers for the movie/book.


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